What is SEO? Why is it Important?


SEO or search engine optimization 

in an umbrella term that covers various different elements. While it used to be all about keywords and links, it has now evolved beyond this. A basic way of describing it would be to change your site to increase your ranking online. This will put you higher up in the search engine results and potentially drive higher levels of traffic.

Today, SEO includes everything from keywords to content as well as off-page SEO and local SEO. You can even consider search engine marketing which is a way of paying for a higher position or buying a place in the PPC search results. Off-page SEO can include several tools such as social media marketing to drive traffic to your site while content can be built up of web pages, infographics, blogs, videos, and images.


While this may already sound confusing

the benefits of getting this right can be incredible. An expert, professional SEO campaign may result in higher levels of authority. This means that your website is ranked as trustworthy and it could even offer visitors a better experience when they visit your site. Indeed, SEO could help your business grow to new heights on the market. You could see growth in your audience level, increase conversions and higher levels of sales.


If you don’t focus on SEO, your website will see serious problems online. You could end up at the bottom of the SERPs and struggle to get any of your content seen. Issues with SEO must be fixed if you want to rank online. That’s why SEO often requires the support of an expert who understands the language and how website crawlers view our site and assess whether you are providing a quality website for users online.

We hope this helps you understand why SEO is important and its role in your business marketing campaign.