Twitter Ads Can Now Be Managed On-the-Go

Twitter Ads

Twitter has released some exciting news for today’s modern, multi-tasking marketer. Now advertisers have the ability to manage Twitter ads directly through the mobile app when commuting to work, running errands, or taking their lunch breaks.

“The mobile tool lets you check campaign performance, optimize budget and schedule, and respond to notifications,” says Twitters Senior Product Manager, Christine Lee.

This is exciting news for the modern day social marketer that doesn’t want to spend their entire night in the office. Now managing ads can be done anytime, anywhere. Twitter released the news that this function is now available to advertisers globally on iOS or Android devices.

Could this be more exciting? Possibly! Let’s dive into the highlights of what Twitter Ads companion can do…

Check in on your KPI’s

KPI’s or key performance indicators, are the metrics that matter the most to you, and now it has become easier to check these metrics on-the-go. Take a look at your spend, impressions, engagements, cost-per-engagements, and whatever other metrics are most important to you. You can test across your entire account or dig into specific campaigns over various time periods.

Take Action from Anywhere

Have you ever been on the bus and realized that you’re throwing money into an offer that’s no longer running. The discount’s over, but your ads are screaming 50% off to your followers, giving them false hope, yikes. Well, now you can pause campaigns on-the-go. Optimizations can be made anywhere at any time as long as your mobile device is on hand. Whether it be adjusting your budget or ad schedules, pausing or re-activating campaigns, editing a campaigns settings, it’s easy to do it all from anywhere now!

Address Email Notifications

No need to stress when you get those Twitter email notifications on your phone when you’re away from your desktop. You can now address them directly in the app. For example, if your highest priority campaign runs out of budget during prime hours you can address that by clicking on the email to add budget, and it will bring you directly into the Twitter Ads companion within your Twitter app to add budget on-the-go. It’s that easy.

Social marketers, take advantage of these free new on-the-go management features, it will make your life easier and your campaigns more efficient! If you’re still on the iPhone 5 or an earlier model you can get to Twitter Ads companion via the gear icon.