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Don’t wait until your company stops growing to try to pull together your marketing team. Watch for these red flags so you can take action before you have serious problems.


  • They have a hard time identifying and targeting your marketing audience. If your marketing isn’t targeting a specific market,  it’s targeting no one. Before your team can create any kind of long-term marketing strategy, you need to gather customer information, test campaigns, and pinpoint your buyer personas. We can train your team on the process to do it right.


  • You have low social media engagement. This is a sign that your customers need to feel more connected to your product and how it impacts their lives. We’ll train your team on creating the best message strategies now and in the future.


  • Your blog traffic is low or isn’t increasing conversions. This means that you’re either not getting enough eyes on the blog or your material isn’t engaging your target audience–or even worse, it’s hitting the wrong audience.  Our experts in content marketing and SEO specialists can help your team learn how to find the right topics and phrasing that will turn readers into paying customers.


  • You don’t have enough ideas lined up for marketing campaigns. This means that you and your current employees don’t have the time or the experience to come up with several variations of the copy and design that they can A/B test and optimize. Our training has that covered.


  • Your ads have a low click-through rate. Your ads–whether they’re Google AdWords or Facebook ads–might not be reaching the right audience, or they might be poorly designed. Either way, you’re wasting your money on ineffective ads. We’ll train your team on how to create successful advertising.


When you’re just starting out, or growing fast it’s common that your team members will have to wear different hats to cover every aspect of the business. This becomes a problem when every person becomes a jack of all trades, but loses their ability to specialize. We’ll help you identify team members roles and plan a process to make sure everyone is flowing on the same page so they can finish tasks successfully and lightning fast.


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There are many reason to hire a marketing agency. The best reason is Diversity of skills. 

  • Generally speaking, most online marketers have a specific set of skills. Some are perfect for paid search, while others are masters of social media, mavens of content marketing or rulers of conversion rate optimization.


  • It can be hard to find the right team of in-house marketers for your company. Investing in any new marketing channel is a risk, and what happens when you hire someone whose skill set doesn’t fit your company’s needs?


  • As good as your designer (or other marketer) might be, having a limited number of marketing skills on staff will keep you from getting the online marketing results you want. This is one area where a good marketing agency truly shines.


  • Your business might not be able to pay for a designer and a PPC expert and a testing guru and a… you get the idea. But for an agency, it makes a lot of sense to hire people with a diversity of online marketing skills.


  • Most companies won’t need a full-time AdWords expert, designer and Facebook manager — but they would definitely benefit from all of those services. That’s where we come in.


When you hire On The Maps as your marketing department you get a one-stop shop of experts at your fingertips. Let us help YOU get to the next level.

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