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Page Rank

Page Rank

First: What is PageRank (page rank)

PageRank (page rank) is used to measure a web page’s ranking order in a search engine result from a users query.

Put simply, Google, goes through several steps to achieve the following pages in its search results pages (SERPS) in the ranking:
1) find all the pages match the search words
2) In accordance with factors such as the page title \ Keywords density level with
3) the calculation of the anchor text of incoming links of the words
4) PageRank score to adjust the results of your site’s ranking
In fact, the real site’s ranking is not as simple as the process, we will detail later on in depth.

Second: PageRank determining factor

Google’s PageRank is based on such a theory: if the B’s website A website set up to connect the link (B to A link of import), indicating that A links B value, is an “important” pages. When the B-level page (importance) is relatively high, then A page B page from the import share of a certain link-level (importance), and the average allocation to A of the Export link on the page.

Import links (also called reverse link) refers to the site links to your site, that is, we normally refer to the “external links.” And when you chain to another site, then this site is your “link to export”, that you provided to other websites this site links.

PageRank of a page reflects the level of incoming links (the importance). Therefore, in general, PageRank is a link to a site into the number and level of these links (the importance) of the decision.

Third: How do I know the PageRank score of a page

From download and install Google Toolbar, so that the website will be able to show that the PageRank score of. PageRank score from 0 to 10, if it can not show PageRank scores can be installed to check the version number, need to fully uninstall the old version, restart the machine after you install the latest version.

Forth: PageRank the importance of

Web site search engine ranking algorithm of the importance of each factor were ranked on their quality of information provided. However, if the ranking of factors are easy to manipulate, it will always be some Web site administrators use to achieve competitive bad. For example, the early introduction of one of the ranking factor – Keywords Meta (Meta Keywords), is due to very good in theory, it can be summed up to reflect the contents of a page, but because of some malicious webmaster to manipulate and had to sadly exit. Therefore, the “weighted value” – that is, we provide information on the trust factor is the degree of vulnerability ranking factor to manipulate the degree of manipulation and co-decision.

PageRank is a difficult position by the manipulation of a factor. However, it was first introduced only for the number of links, so bored by some of the loopholes webmaster using the link, such as factories and a large number of poor visitor book external link easily met its own aims. Google aware of the problem, they integrate in the system to link the quality of analysis, and found cheating websites blocked, thereby not only effectively combat this practice, but also to ensure that the results of the relevance and accuracy.

Fifth: Google’s search results before 1,000

In general, site ranking factors, including the title page (META TITLE), the body of the page keyword density, anchor text (also known as link text, refers to link or hyperlink text) and determined by PageRank.

Please keep in mind: PageRank alone can not make your web site to obtain a good ranking. Web site PageRank ranking algorithm is only a product of factors, the other site if you factor in scoring position is zero, even if your PageRank is 20000000000, the final score is zero. PageRank does not mean that on the worthless, but the circumstances under which the PageRank of their ability to complete the play.

If the extensive Google search, looks like there are thousands of results, but the actual display of the results of up to 1,000 before. For example, “car rental”, display the search results for 5,110,000, but only 826 the result will be displayed. But with only 0.81 seconds. Imagine the time to 0.84 seconds can be calculated that each of the 5,000,000 search results ranking factor score, and then ultimately we have seen given the site’s ranking results?

The answer is: the search engine selection and query the most relevant pages of those who form a subset of to accelerate the pace of search. For example: if a subset contains 2,000 elements, the search engine is done using the ranking factor of 2-3 on the entire database query to find the top three factors for the two higher scores of the first 2,000 pages. (Please keep in mind that although there might be more than 5 million search results, but the actual display of 1,000 search results are from the 2,000-page extract from the subset.) And then all the top search engines no longer factor into this 2,000 composed of the search results and the corresponding subset of the site’s ranking. Since the sorting phase, sub focus more on search results (not referring to the page) the relevance (quality) is also lower, so the search engine only to the user and query the most relevant search results of the previous 1,000.

Please note that the search engine generated 2,000 pages of this subset, we emphasized the importance of “relevance” of the word. That the search engine to look for is the common theme of query page. At this time, if we take into account the PageRank, are likely to get some high PageRank but only slightly related to the subject of a number of search results. Clearly it is in breach of the search engine to provide users with the most relevant and accurate search results principle.

Once the understanding of why this may be true on why you should first try hard to “page” factor and the anchor text of foot work from top to bottom, the last is the PageRank. So the key is:

First of all you have to factor in the pages and / or anchor text work up and down enough so that they can be ranked factor score enough so that your site is able to target words among the 2,000 in this subset of search results, otherwise, higher PageRank also not the solution.

Sixth: PageRank and other ranking factor, the difference between

Title page logo to be listed only once.
Key words in the body of a row only to reduce the duplication of the importance of keywords, it is important that proximity.
Anchor text weight high, but there is a ceiling, more than the upper limit of the anchor text messages will be ignored or reduce weight.
PageRank infinite potential and there is no maximum limit, but a lot of work.
Note the existence of other ranking factors have an upper limit (Que value), more than the right to limit some of its value will be reduced or are no longer points. PageRank is not the existence of this problem.

Seventh: Non-PageRank Factor Que value of the maximum (Non-PageRank Factor Threshold)

In addition to PageRank, the other ranking factors are the value of the existence of a deficiency, also known as the threshold or the margin. That is, when the growth to a certain value, the importance of factors began to slowly lower it, the value factor is the non-PageRank value Que.

Que-based value of 1,000, if the page A and B is a query we have two of the query results, and the A’s total score (including the factor score and PageRank page score) is 900, B 500, then A will in front of B. However, due to A and B scores were lower than we assumed in the above non-factor Que PageRank value, and therefore does not change in the case of PageRank, we can page through to the B page carefully optimized so that factor scores of pages to be improved so that it ranks over A. However, if the A’s total score rose to 1,100 points, while B only if the page factor optimization is simply not enough. In this case, the upgrade PageRank has become a top priority.

In general, Google’s search results page may contain not only more than Que value scores of pages, but also may contain some points lower than the value of the page, Que. Therefore:

In order to increase competitiveness must be Que maximize the value of the scope of the search engine page ranking, or else they will reduce the competitiveness of the page. “Page factor” is close to Que value and achieve the most rapid manner, it is used in conjunction with the PageRank of the site is to enhance the ranking of the best optimization strategy.

Eighth: Use value Que infer the value of two ranking strategies

Que values explained by the search engine business principles and the implementation of different ways, but also would have explained why some of the misconceptions on PageRank. These two strategies we can as two people A and B.

A view that “PageRank” is not important. They have several years experience in web site optimization and how to perfect the use of “page elements” to achieve the purpose of optimization. They also understand the basic anchor text, PageRank scores but not care. The result? Due to maximize use of the “page factor”, so that A to reach “non-factor Que PageRank value.” Therefore, through the carefully chosen words will enable them to obtain better website ranking. But as long as the site content is better, over time there will always be a high ranking site links to trickle come together to form a river. A final score will also be a PageRank, and the consolidation of the position to take.

B that the “PageRank” is very important. He has a lot of PageRank score on the upgrading of the information, and to improve the scoring of the work under the foot. What are the results? B and A contrary approach, but the A factor in the non-PageRank to work, the result is scored by the PageRank. The B factor in the PageRank to work, the result is scored by the non-PageRank Factor. The reason is that PageRank scores as a result of increased need for external links with anchor text of links and, thus, through carefully selected anchor text of external links, B increased its spontaneous non-PageRank Factor scores, which won a high PageRank score.

Although this is only the two extremes, but we can use them to infer that their respective advantages and disadvantages of two ways:

Advantage of the shortcomings of the object
A: ignore PageRank site’s ranking in the short term can be enhanced

Self-generated link to save the workload
Required to put a lot of work to maintain the site’s ranking

New competitors on the slow response

B: ignore page rank website ranking factors will be reliable and can easily modify the page when necessary factors to elevate its ranking

Most likely from non-search engine source category higher traffic
Slowly raise your site’s ranking

Difficult to operate

Easier procedures for SPAM filtering system

In fact, we noted previously, the final ranking score = all non-factor the actual PageRank score x actual PageRank score. That is, the two complement each other, coupled with online marketing with the development and expansion, keyword competition more intense change, in which case the only good non-PageRank ranking factor is impossible. Factor and the existence of non-PageRank value Que limitations. At the same time, for very competitive keywords, but also there is a minimum PageRank problem. In other words, unless the site’s PageRank score more than the minimum standards, or else very difficult to get your site’s ranking. PageRank lower end of the competition by Keywords decided degrees. Keywords competitive PageRank lower limit of normal or high, and the more intense the competition is the key word, it has the corresponding minimum requirements will be high PageRank. The PageRank score is very difficult to upgrade again, this time on the Non-PageRank Factor become very important.
To sum up: we need to give full play to the advantage of the ranking factor to win a good overall ranking score. At the same time, Key words (for Competition) is also carefully chosen a very important change, it can save a lot of expenditure.

Ninth: PageRank is calculated

PageRank (A) = (1-d) + d (PageRank (T1) / C (T1) + … + PageRank (Tn) / C (Tn))
Which PageRank (A) that a given page A the PageRank score;
D for the damping factor, the general set to 0.85;
PageRank (T1) that a point A page of the site of its own PageRank score;
C (T1) that has the page number of the Export link;
PageRank (Tn) / C (Tn) for each point that the A-page page to repeat the same steps.

In fact, the calculation of the PageRank score of a page needs a large number of complicated calculation. For example, if the PageRank calculation A page scores are the first to know all the links to A-page web site (incoming links) of the PageRank score. To know that these external links page PageRank score, but also need to know that these external links page PageRank score, and so on. We only need to know:

A page of external links B to bring A and B of the PageRank score of the export is inversely proportional to the number of links, that is derived with the B on the increase in the number of links, the PageRank score to A also decreased. The same page shows a PageRank score of the page to vote for the other page a basic form of the measure. A web page can vote for one or more export link, but certainly the total voting power, and was evenly distributed to all the Export link. Assuming B’s PageRank score is 5, and only one point B on link A, then B will receive all A’s PageRank score (B and no loss of anything, and A won the B’s PageRank score). However, if B has N links, then A can only get B’s PageRank score of the N one.

We can use the chart to spell out the principle of its work. Assuming there are four pages A, B, C and D, their mutual links, such as shown in Table -1:

Table -1: PageRank scores before link

Table -2: PageRank scores after link

Assumed that the initial four page PageRank scores are 0. According to the formula above, their PageRank score is 0.15. We calculate the PageRank link their scores.
1.A chain to the B, C and D. A initial PageRank score is 0.15, so A link for export of the total number of PageRank score 0.85 * 0.15 = 0.1275. B, C and D three pages each at 0.0425.
2.B chain to the C, B the initial PageRank score is 0.15, so the only link to page C obtained by PageRank score is 0.85 * 0.15 = 0.1275 min.
C-chain to the A, its PageRank score of 0.1275 only link to the object passed to the A.
D chain to C, its PageRank score of 0.1275 to the transmission of C.
PageRank of the pages are now scores were as follows:
A: 0.15 + 0.1275 (from C) = 0.2775
B: 0.15 + 0.0425 (from A) = 0.1925
C: 0.15 + 0.0425 (from A) + 0.1275 (from B) + 0.1275 (from D) = 0.4475
D: 0.15 + 0.0425 (from A) = 0.1925 (shown in Table -2)
Continue to do the calculation, until the numerical approximation of each page of a set value (PageRank is a convergence of function). Finally, can be found, C of the highest PageRank. The number of external links and significantly changed the distribution of PageRank too.

Table -3: final results of the PageRank score

Table -4: external links and PageRank scoring table:
Link to export the number of links into the final number of PageRank scores
C A / B / D 3 A 1 1.4860614724
A C 1 B / C / D 3 1.4131522515
B A 1 C 1 0.5503931379
D A 1 C 1 0.5503931379

Tenth: PageRank of the feedback

PageRank of the feedback mechanism explains why the export of a website link to the website’s own benefit.

A page of links to the assumption that B, calculated according to PageRank, the initial PageRank of 0.15, the PageRank link to 1. If the A chain to the C, and C also chain back to A, then A’s PageRank has become now 1.4594594595. That is to say if the A chain to an external website, and that page links back to A again, then make A’s PageRank will increase. (If page A links to a page that has links to C, C to A and then chain, then the situation may still take place). If all pages link to each other is a system as a whole, then, in fact, before and after the system links the overall PageRank has not changed, but, because of the relationship between the occurrence of different link led PageRank for each link of the system of redistribution of the page.

Table -6-1: No link exchange: A to E has been Google pages are included in the page. A and B which is within the pages of our site

Table -6-2: external link after the exchange of the distribution of PageRank

Table -7 did not provide export export link to provide link
A’s PageRank score: 1 1.3599321536
B’s PageRank score: 1 0.7279711653
Web site PageRank score: 2 2.0879033189

Its relatively small increments, depending on the overall circumstances of the case. But one thing is clear – to provide links to web pages is derived often called PageRank through a feedback mechanism to enhance their own PageRank.
This shows that the major sites and a number of reciprocal link exchange is a more sensible. These sites are link structure, and paid great attention to the link page. The object of your site link included in the design of the structure and number of pages your site has a PageRank feedback from the total number of significant impact.

Eleventh: How to control PageRank

PageRank factor although it is difficult to control, but other technologies we can to get the desired results. Moreover, a good page optimized integration factor scores higher PageRank sites will no doubt be more competitive.

PageRank optimization factor from the following three aspects:
1. Import link. Including how to select the Import link, get into the efforts of links with the harvest was proportional to the.
2. Export link. Including export and their selection of links on your site suitable location, should make the most PageRank feedback (Feedback) and the smallest loss (Leakage).
3. Web site navigation structure and internal links within the page. PageRank within the site to achieve a good distribution.

Twelveth: Import Links (Links to Your Site)

Looking into a link, the general is always vulnerable to this kind of errors: look at the link page PageRank score, the higher the score, the better. In fact, a link page PageRank score to follow the principle of equal distribution was assigned to the average of all the links on this page. Therefore, focusing only on the external links of the link strategy PageRank scores is one-sided. The correct way is to have to consider the links page PageRank, due consideration should be given a link to the page number (should be noted: PageRank is a unit rather than the Web site page, that is, each page has its own specific PageRank. Therefore, when looking for links should view the “Links” page of PageRank, that is to say, need to consider placing your website link pages that PageRank scores.) and a higher PageRank sites to link to the request of the general is always critical.

Those who look more suitable site with good quality links are the ideal target. Do not start to control their PageRank in the end how much, if they are not only related with your website, but also has higher quality, so you will always be useful to the PageRank, it is only a matter of time. In addition, the site has been included DMOZ and Yahoo can be quite effective to enhance the PageRank.

Thirteen: Export links (Links out of your site)

Export will not lose the link and PageRank, but PageRank of the site as a whole will be reduced. Therefore, select Export link in such a law should be followed:
1. To keep the PageRank of your site
2. As far as possible, as much as possible share of the internal pages of the PageRank

To recommend a way: You can set up a website a link to export the “review” page. Placed on the external link for the assessment of the contents of the site. Each assessment should include the corresponding point to Hyperlink to external sites. (Note: As the search engine SPIDERS not support JAVA script, so should not use JAVA program to open these pages.)

“Review” page should be linked back to the site a higher level page (preferably home page, other pages can also be heavy-weight). This will significantly reduce the loss of PageRank site. Placing external links need to chain back to Home page and other important internal pages. However, “assessment” as long as the page to place a heavy-weight to the internal pages (preferably home). In addition, can tell you that the “review” link on the object you have “review” their site, so they will very likely that your “review” page link to their own Web site so that you can from their link the two get into. Natural effect of all the better. Described in words is too cumbersome, we use a chart to illustrate. (The following table, including home A, the external link page D and the other two inside pages B and C)

Table -8: None “accreditation” page of the web site PageRank scores

If the same calculation, but includes review pages, the results are as follows:
Table -9: Add “assessment” of each page after page of PageRank scores

If only A, B, C and D Page, the results are as follows:
No assessment (Review) page review (Review) page
Home page PageRank: 0.9536152797 2.439718935
B / C / D page PageRank: 0.4201909959
.4201909959 .8412536982
PageRank Total: 2.2141882674 4.9634800296

Export link in the page placed on site at the same time put some internal links to improve PageRank of one of a very important internal factors. Although it is impossible and that the proceeds from the site link into a par on the amount of revenue received, but it can easily operate, and the benefit of Web site readers.

14: Web site and connected to the internal structure of

A: Web site’s internal pages
Having the “external links”, let us take a look at “internal links.” PageRank from the page if indeed the quality and quantity of the voting decision, then we can draw immediately on the website of the relationship between the chain and the PageRank of an important conclusion:

Each site has been included in the internal Google page (with links) are the site of a mind to vote, but the weight of a small vote. Thus, if a site has more Google has been included in the internal pages, it is possible to get more total votes.

In this way, we can through the creation of a large number of internal web pages to improve the site overall PageRank. But this is far from enough. Because we are referred to here refers to the internal pages Google has been included, that has its own PageRank of those pages within the chain. The reason why these pages are Google search because they have enriched the contents. Therefore, every effort should be made and enrich your website, once the site content to be full and rich, there will be more pages to be retrieved, so bring more PageRank. At the same time, “appreciation” of the site will get more popular site, which will have more links to your site active.

In short, for the upgrading of PageRank in terms of “inside” the need to do is fill for the site more informative and valuable content. Should ensure that web content will not be too long or too short and, if necessary, can be divided into a number of web pages.

Second: the internal structure of the site & link
There are three internal linked site approach should combine the use of the three way link building site. Assumes that a Web site by the “Home”, “About Us” page, “Products” page and the “More Information” page of the composition of the four pages, by the following table we can see that each structure on the site of the impact of degree of PageRank.

Table -11: Hierarchy (Hierarchical)

Table -12: the structure of loop site (Looping)

Table -13: extensive Internet pages of the site structure (Extensive Interlinking)

Table 14-16 is the internal structure of pages in different sites of the PageRank distribution. Understand this point we can from the “internal link” to proceed to get the most feedback PageRank.

Table -14: the level of the structure of the PageRank distribution of (total PageRank = 4)

Table -15: PageRank distribution loop structure (total PageRank = 4)

Table -16: the inside structure of a wide range of PageRank distribution of the Internet (total PageRank = 4)

External link does not take into account in the premise of factors, one can see the type of hierarchical structure (Hierarchical-Like) can change the Web site of the PageRank distribution of the internal pages. (Note: we are referring to is not necessarily the strict sense of the level structure, but structure than loop (Looping) or extensively interconnected (Extensive Interlinking) structure to include more property-level structure.)

If evenly distributed PageRank internal page on the website, the webmaster of this hierarchical structure can enable the performance of transfer PageRank to selected pages of the internal transfer of PageRank: that is, to some of the pages are not very important due to the transfer of PageRank to those words of strong competition on the website, or would like to improve the specific words of the pages ranking up so that the proceeds of the largest Web site.

Closed just above the structure of web site design (that is, without import nor export link structure) of the internal distribution of the pages, if adding external links – that is, import and export links to what would happen after? 17-19 As shown in the table below:

Table -17: Non-closure of the level of the PageRank distribution of Web site structure

Table -18: Non-closed-loop structure of the PageRank distribution of site

Table -19: Non-closure of the inside structure of a wide range of Internet websites PageRank Distribution

No Import / Export link PageRank distribution of the availability of import / export link PageRank Distribution
The structure of home page PageRank sites other PageRank PageRank of each page the total number of home pages of other PageRank the total number of PageRank PageRank
Level 1.9189189189 0.6936936937
0.6936936937 4 1.4984293194 0.5745549738
0.5745549738 3.2220942408
Loop 1 1
1 4 0.6836928438 0.7311389172
0.7714680796 2.6641737744
Extensive Internet 1 1
1 4 0.954115.523 0.8547644030
0.9046990932 3.5683429515
Conclusion: Extensive Internet (Extensive Interlinking) site structure (Table 13) can be retained to maximize a site’s internal PageRank, followed by the level of (Hierarchical) structure (Table 11), and finally loop (Looping) website structure (Table 12).
Note: this is the case in theory, but in reality if the Internet with tens of thousands of internal pages also unlikely. So also must choose the right site of the branching structure. However, the level of structure, the more we increase the number of sub-pages the better. This is due to the link page in the export increase of more internal links, in accordance with the average distribution of PageRank to all internal / external links to the principle or do you benefit the most. However, if too many pages, will also significantly affect the home page PageRank.

15: Google says

On the PageRank, the most authoritative spokesman for the natural or Google. Although Google will not and can not provide relevant technical information, but we also have to be seen to see:
Chris: PageRank is based on the name “Page”, or a co-founder and relevant?
Google: PageRank is a Google co-founder and president Larry Page named after.
Chris: Google whether or not to do so as a significant PageRank from other search engines as a characteristic?
Google: PageRank is a Google search can bring the speed and relevance of search results from other search engine on the technology. Not only that, in the ranking formula used Google also 100 kinds of other algorithms.
Chris: Google is the introduction of PageRank that can significantly improve the quality of search results? Whether the future will continue the use of PageRank?
Google: the use of PageRank as a result of quantitative methods to analyze the link, it will continue to be the decision of Google search results page an important factor in ranking.
Chris: do you think of the Google Toolbar PageRank information for ordinary users / webmaster / search engine optimization expert, what is the meaning of each?
Google: Google Toolbar PageRank information provided by a Web site only as the use of assessment information. Users will find it very interesting, webmasters generally use it to measure site performance. However, the PageRank is only a general assessment, so the value of search engine experts do not.
Chris: website often try to “link the factory” and the visitors book means the purpose of increasing PageRank. Google this site for any initiatives?
Google: Google’s engineers will regularly update the Google’s ranking algorithm in order to prevent the malicious manipulation of Google rankings.
Select the link into the other side should first consider how the site’s content, and then visit the number of its export links to decision-making. And in the establishment of the Export link to this site should be as far as possible when the PageRank of your site to maintain the maximum and minimum loss of the feedback.

The site should be designed to ensure the rational structure and internal linking methods. Site internal link structure and the way will have an impact on PageRank, can be effective to use its features PagaRank internal pages on the site re-distribution and website as far as possible the overall PageRank.

PageRank of the site to enhance the site should be closely related to the visitor experience. Again, even if a high PageRank, if there is no client access, as worthless. Therefore, the contents of the site is to enhance the PageRank has always been one of the factors most critical.

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