Online Marketing Requires Baby Steps Before the Black Belt


Online Marketing online marketing

“If you’re not doing online marketing, you don’t have a business.”

Josh Weidman, head trainer at REI 360, recently coined this phrase — and to Chris Haddon and Jason Balin, co-founders of Columbia, M.D.-based lending and real-estate companies Hard Money Bankers and REI 360, truer words have never been spoken.

“There’s really no excuse not to do online marketing,” Balin says in this video.

The best marketing is about being consistent and building up slowly before becoming a black belt at it — that way you won’t get overwhelmed.

“The internet is changing on an hourly, daily basis,” Balin says. “Things that were relevant in SEO world a few years ago are not anymore. Social is changing constantly … you don’t have to do everything. Just pick two or three things that you’re comfortable doing — and just get started and do them.”