Improve Your SEO Rankings

Get a free SEO website audit and take actionable insights on your website that will affect your rankings right away

Boosting search engine optimization for your website is essential if you want it to be successful. You need to pay attention to SEO both on-page and off your website too so that you can get your site ranking well in search engine results. You might think that you’re doing some of the right things, but you may still have a long way to go. If you want to make sure you’re taking the right steps for good SEO, there are a few things you can do.

Take a Free SEO Audit

Firstly, getting a good idea of where your efforts have got you so far is useful. Our free SEO website audit will help you understand how your site performs based on various factors. We take a look at how secure your site is, whether it’s mobile-friendly, your keyword rankings, and more. If it looks like your SEO needs some work, there could be some simple things for you to do to improve your score.

Boost Your On-page Keywords with Content

On-page SEO involves the need to make use of the right keywords and use them in the right ways. Fresh and regular content for your site is one of the best ways you can ensure you’re making good use of your keywords. You should naturally incorporate them into your content, but also make sure you use them in key places like meta tags and alt-text for images. When you write content for your site or perhaps make images or videos, make sure it’s relevant to your audience. You can also consider a few factors that might make it perform better, such as having long-form content instead of short pieces.

Make Your Site Mobile-friendly

A mobile-friendly website has become increasingly necessary over the past few years. More people now use mobile devices to search than desktop computers. You need to ensure your website and your off-page SEO too are optimized for mobile use. This can include things like ensuring your website has a responsive design that adapts t

seo rankings

o any device and setting your Google ads to optimize for mobile devices.

Build Your Backlinks


Backlinks are another important factor taken into account when your site is ranked. In other words, the 


number and quality of sites linking to your website are important. When you think about increasing their number, you need to make sure you’re building your backlinks in an ethical way. It’s important to follow Google’s guidelines and make sure you focus on getting quality backlinks. Some things you can do include producing shareable content and networking with other brands and site owners to encourage them to reference your site. 

Improve Security

The security of your site matters too. In fact, a large proportion of top ranking websites use HTTPS encryption to ensure their safety. Google backs this up, saying that HTTPS sites are ranked higher than HTTP ones. When using Google’s Chrome browser, HTTP sites are even marked as unsafe. So start with this if you need to improve the security of your site.

Once you’ve made some changes to your site, do another audit to see if things have improved. You should be working on your SEO all the time to make continual improvements.