Will Content Ever Rule The World?

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How to refresh old content to improve SEO ranking

How to refresh old content to improve SEO ranking. Maintaining a website can be a significant challenge. Keeping things current and engaging is of critical importance if you want to stay relevant and popular. Just like back in high school, popularity and notoriety were everything. So how can you make sure you stay one of the cool kids?

Whether you are running a blog or a business landing site, managing your content will always be a key factor. Content creation and management allow you to build and project your brand, start conversations, build awareness, and drive traffic and conversion. So much of this relies on effective SEO rankings. Think of it like trying to be in as many pictures in your school yearbook as possible. Now we just need to think of how to translate dating the quarterback or prom queen to getting your content ranked on page one of search engines.  Website SEO ranking

The thing is, constant blog posts or new content creation can be incredibly time consuming, and there may be another way to boost those SEO rankings. Sure you could try to go to every school party and do something really cool to get you noticed, or, you could use your existing moments of infamy to build your reputation into a school legend!

Fresh Is Best

Let’s roll with this analogy. You buy a new shirt that says “School Is Prison” on it and everyone thinks it’s rad. The first day you wear it, the buzz spreads throughout the school. Teachers are angry, students think it’s funny, or stupid, or cool, or pointless. But everyone is talking about it, and that’s just what you wanted. They aren’t just talking about a shirt. They’re talking about YOUR shirt. So that’s awesome. The school is abuzz with talk about it. A week later you wear it again. People kind of like remembering the buzz and still get a kick out of it, but the next time you wear it, people really don’t care anymore. Freshness matters.

Content works the same way (and you thought you didn’t learn anything valuable in high school). One of the factors that Google uses in rankings is freshness. Your content is essentially given a fresh score, and as time goes on this score will drop. So, does this mean you need to just keep looking for silly shirts people will talk about? I mean, you could. Or you could wear it to school and very publicly call your principle “Warden.” Updating your existing content will boost it’S fresh score again. As your freshness score improves, so does Google’s view of the quality of your site, and so does your SEO rankings. 

Updating Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

Updating your content doesn’t need to be difficult. Obviously you want quality content on your site or blog, though if you have content that is still relevant but has lost freshness over time, then a few quick tweaks can tell Google your content is new. You can do this by going into further details about each topic in your article, adding real-life examples, or by simply updating the material to reflect what’s happening today in your industry. Breathing new life into older posts can improve your rankings in so many ways.

Your old content will slowly die if you just leave it to the rigors of time. There are even tools to help you with managing these updates. Blog editorial calendar templates can help you schedule updates to keep your posts from moving into the old, stale, and irrelevant category. Download our free template here to help you get started.

Strengthening Click-Thrus

Your rankings go hand in hand with how often people click through to your site when your result shows up. The more often people click through, the higher you will be ranked. The higher you are ranked, the more likely your site will be clicked. 

In any search you do, the top results will almost always be from within a year. It makes sense. When you ask your friends who Sarah L. likes, nobody cares about who she had a crush on in grade 7. We want the dirt on who she has a crush on today! 

Information changes quickly and relevance matters. It is undeniable that people are more likely to click through to posts that are more recent. Because Google heavily weights click thrus in calculating its SEO rankings, making sure your posts are listed as more current will directly translate to more click thrus and higher rankings. 

Compelling Headlines

Headlines and titles for posts can be hugely effective in driving people to click your posts. Changing how your posts are titled and presented to more closely align with current interests can really affect people’s engagement. 

One way to help ensure your headlines are working for you as well as possible is to keep your audience wanting more. Remember, a little mystery goes a long way. Try adding titles that balance both valuable information and curiosity. It’s all well and good if you have a great article for your audience to read, but it’s not going to help you any if they read your title and pass on it because you didn’t give them a compelling enough reason to want to read. 

Which of these two statements would make you more curious? “Sarah won’t be at school today” or “Sarah won’t be at school today, but I can’t tell you why”. In the first example, you’d probably just assume she was sick or something and you wouldn’t really give it much thought beyond that. It’s possible that you’d ask why to be polite, but you probably wouldn’t be all that interested. However, the second statement would probably have you dying to know. You’d start making up all kinds of scenarios in your mind, trying to figure out what the big secret was. The reason in both statements would be the same, but only one of them would make you “need” to know.

With every post, you need to find the angle that will make your audience want to read your content.

Current Content Accuracy

Facts matter, and information, research, and statistics change. Your older posts may still be very valuable and involve relevant topics, but if your supporting information is out of date, people will notice. An older post may still be very relevant if you can provide evolving statistics and research that is more current. Keep an eye on your posts and if the information has changed, this is a quick way to add a relevant update and show Google that this content is fresh again. You want your updates to still matter to your viewers. 

content is king

Content is king!


Content is king. Prom king. You need to know how to make content work for you. Maybe you weren’t sitting at the cool kids’ table in high school, but with careful content management and refreshing old posts, you can be part of Google’s inner circle. 

~ By: Tiffany Carlin – Content Director, On The Maps!