Wondering How To Make Your Website SEO Rock for Voice Search? Read This!

SEO Strategies for Voice Search

Top SEO Strategies To Optimize Your Website For Voice Search

When the idea of voice search first hit the market back in 2008, most people didn’t really consider giving the voice assistant a try. I did, but it was difficult to remember the exact commands in order to get it to complete a task. It was so frustrating trying to get your assistant to do the right thing so it ended up that it was easier to write instead of using voice commands. However, with the passage of time and improvement of technology, the use of voice search has become more prominent and human-like than their previous counterparts. This is mainly the reason why people, when looking for something on the web, are looking for instant results and typing their questions, just isn’t fast enough anymore.

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Voice Search is Taking Over

Though typing isn’t that much slower, we feel more comfortable in society to ask often and to ask loud our assistant to do our bidding. Whether it’s a text message, or an alarm reminder, a shopping list or how to get from one place to another, Voice Search is taking over! Some people don’t type at all and solely use their voice to command their phones, their home assistants, Moreover, if we talk about numbers, an average person could speak 150 words in a minute while only 40 words could be typed in a span of 60 seconds. Also, if we talk about the global statistics from the giants like Comscore, almost 50 percent of the web would be worked with voice searches and not written queries by the year 2020.

If we talk about business at a local level, it is becoming essential for businesses to think of voice search in order to work more efficiently with goals related to sales and conversions. Today, we will be aiming for some of the finest Voice Search optimization strategies that are required to be worked on a website for better voice experience with users. Let’s start.

Before we start more particularly about optimizing the website for voice, let us quickly jump on the two of the most significant factors of website optimization that can support voice optimization.


  • Use More Conversational Language: over the years, we have become habitual of using the keywords in the search area rather than typing the elaborated queries. However, when it comes to voice, people talk in a more conversational tone. For instance, if you want to find hotels in New York through voice query, it is more a natural thing to ask things like, “Ok Google, find me the best hotel in New York” or “Hey Siri, Show me the list for best hotels in New York.” So, if you are working on enhanced SEO of your website, make sure you should hit for effective targeting of conversational and natural language on your website that can serve as keywords for your users who prefer voice search.


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  • Don’t Use Too Many Technicalities: even though content is considered to be the most important part of your website, most writers make the common mistake of adding content which is not understandable to a layman. This may mean that you need to work on content which can be easily understood even by a 5th grader. Therefore, if you want to please search engines and users, all you need to do is plan content that is easy to understand and interpret. Now that you are quite familiar with the idea of website optimization for voice, let us get handy on the other tech factors which can help you improve the voice search experience.


Target Online Listing

If you are a big brand, you can skip this factor but if you are operating in a local environment, make sure you get into the online listing. This is because the search engines work in a way where they understand more of your search intent according to the area rather than featuring for your products, especially in a local area.

Though it has nothing related to website optimization, it can help you move higher in rankings and improving chances to get featured for voice queries.


Page Speed

Another important factor that you need to work with your website is fixing the page load speed issues. Just like the way search engine prefer to work on featuring better content on the website, the websites which have better load time have a greater chance to get featured in Google home searches.seo strategies

However, the process of optimizing your website for page speed needs you to optimize images, minification of JS, CSS, and HTML files, along with an effective content delivery network that can serve high performance. However, this may need you to reach for tools like Google PageSpeed Insights and GTMetrix for keeping track of page speed issues along with suggestions to fix them.

Aim Long Tail SEO

If you want to create a venue for voice searches, then it is essential to aim for long-tail keywords for SEO. If you capture long-tail keywords in your optimization process, it can benefit you in two big ways:

Most of the voice-based queries are longer in length as compared to text searches.

Moreover, the use of long-tail keywords in your content can help you be shown for query results that are shown as featured snippets. This actually improves your chances to be shown in the results for voice-operated queries.

All in all, if you want to take down the leads for voice results, working on content with Longtail SEO keywords could be of great help to boosting your conversions.

Local Content

If we talk about the statistics, a report from bright local has suggested that around 76 percent of smart users use the help of voice-assisted searches in a week. This means you need to aim for content that is locally optimized. However, this may require the precise use of long-tail keywords in your SEO strategy along with business-relevant local keywords combined to help you reach your voice search goals.

From local content, it does not necessarily mean you have a local establishment to present local content. It can be the use of niche-specific content on your website in order to gather some industry traffic coming through voice searches.

 Structure Data Markup 

Website Optimization


Till now, you would have probably got an idea of the fact that voice-driven results are highly based on factors like rich snippets and listings because they are the direct and presentable responses for instant voice queries. Another similar move that can help you align your website for voice search is the use of structured data markup. Search engines allow you to use structured data on website helping them users to reach more relevant results and information.

In simple words, structured data markup can help you to present necessary and important information on your website to people on search engines in a quicker way. However, it may need you to take advantage of tools like structured data markup helper in order to implement it on your website.


Voice is becoming more prominent as with each day that passes, people who are connected with smart technology are rising. Though voice search seems to be different from basic SEO, it is mostly working on principles of SEO as those who are on top and relevant to user queries are likely to feature in search results using voice.

This simply makes the way to hire the best local SEO services who can help you get your website on top and optimize it for voice. Ultimately, It all needs you to make your website completely compatible with the mobile devices which are used for voice search and working on SEO to feature your website on top of SERPs. So, if you are planning to take your website a step above towards the voice search optimization, make sure you don’t skip to count on any of the above strategies. All the best!