How To Build A Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Page

Do you want to connect with customers on social media? A Facebook business page is the answer, but how do you create one, how do you optimize it, and how do you raise brand awareness?


By now, you’re well aware of business pages on Facebook and their importance. The stats prove that they are still an excellent resource even as the brand’s power seems to wane. It’s hard to argue with the third most visited site in the world which holds accounts for nearly 70% of Americans.

However, what you don’t know is how to build a Facebook business page that sticks. Creating a basic one is simple yet that isn’t enough – you want to grab people’s attention and boost awareness. Here are the tips we suggest to get the most out of your new FB page.

Choose The Right Category

When you head to and click on the “create a page” option, a handful of categories will appear. It’s essential to choose correctly as the wrong move might impact your reputation in the future. Plus, there are trust issues. Why did you opt for local business or place when you’re an artist, band or public figure? Make sure you fill in the boxes with as much information as possible for customers and fans.


Add Photos

Speaking of trust, there isn’t a better way to create a Facebook business page than to add images. Good quality, high-resolution pics shows the business in the best light and removes the skepticism. Plus, it creates an incredible visual display from the first moment people land on the page. Get their curiosity visually and you get their attention.


Connect With Social Media Accounts

Facebook isn’t the be all and end all of the social media world any longer. The likes of Instagram and Twitter are very much significant players in the game too. So, it makes sense to merge accounts to raise traffic hits and click-through rates. For the Twittersphere, head to and click “link a profile/page to twitter.”


Complete the About Section

Your Facebook business page is online, which means it’s impacted by SEO. Thankfully, there are sneaky ways to optimize your page for keywords and phrase. The easiest and most effective is the about section. With a small description, you can keep things light yet on point. Also, don’t forget about tags and metadata too.


How To Optimize

Once you’ve done the above, you’re ready to add a post and engage. To take your Facebook business page to the next level, it’s time to maximize engagement. Calls to action are incredibly useful as it compels visitors to take action. Tailor your CTAs by selecting the edit button.

Alternatively, you can add a pinned post. This is something which adds value that you want people to see that takes pride of place at the top of the page. Use pins for top-rated content or promotional offers.


Last but not least, like other pages. To create a business page on Facebook, it’s important to be social. Liking other pages builds a community which will spread the word about your brand online.