An Hour of Mobile Usage Worldwide: Staggering & Unbelievable Facts

Mobile Usage

With the universal adoption of the mobile phone and smartphone technologies, today we see a rise in the worldwide Internet traffic as mobile usage grows. Not just that the usage of Internet from mobile has grown, but it has grown exponentially to pass desktop usage in 2016.

When exploring the sheer volume of the usage statistics its incredible to discern just how much we all use our mobile devices. A generation ago half the function we turn to our mobiles to do would not have even been possible. Today, we all spend vast amounts of time on our mobile devices; plus, the time spent is growing rapidly with no end in site.

According to data found on “Playmobi”, we explored one hour of mobile traffic, and what platforms are leading in mobile usership per hour.

Mobile Searches

Mobile searches are one of the main ways we use our mobiles every hour. These days, people turn to their mobiles to search everything from news & weather to product or services. Every hour, Google is used for 26 million mobile searches and a further 5.2 million voice searches for mobile users worldwide. Their competitors also receive huge amounts of traffic per hour, with Bing handling 20.8 million mobile searches, Yahoo handling 7.7 million mobile searches and AOL handling 247,246 mobile searches per hour.

Mobile Messenger

Mobile messenger services like Whatsapp or Facebook messenger have revolutionized the communications industry. People use these platforms to communicate with friends, family or business colleagues worldwide, for little to no cost to the user. Considering the huge savings compared to conventional telephone services, increasingly more mobile traffic is devoted to messenger services. Whatsapp alone has over 1 billion users worldwide and over 1.75 billion messages are sent every hour. Furthermore, Whatsapp also handles 4.2 million voice calls and 2.3 million video calls per hour. Facebook messenger also has huge numbers with over 2.8 million messages sent every 60 minutes.

Social Networking

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are another major mobile usage draw. Every hour, over 58 million likes and 1.1 million comments are made from Facebook’s mobile users. Instagram, a Facebook subsidiary, is uploaded with 16.7 million new stories and 10.4 million new photos every hour. Another major social media player, LinkedIn, has an hourly rate of 17.25 million mobile visitors.

Video Streaming

Video content streaming is another high traffic industry for mobile users. YouTube, Netflix and SnapChat all have incredible hourly user-ship. YouTube alone has 416,721 mobile hits per hour and over 58 million video views. SnapChat, a relatively new video sharing social media and communications platform, generates over 416 million views of snaps per hour.

Mobile Games

Mobile games not only have huge usage, but also huge revenue. Candy Crush, one of the top mobile games, gets played over 25 million rounds per hour and generates 86,412 dollars in revenue per 60 minutes. Its competitors are not far behind, and mobile gaming is now a multi billion-dollar industry with huge mobile traffic.

As you can see, mobile usage per hour is incredibly diverse and staggering in volume. These unbelievable facts are just the tip of the iceberg and still only account for a small percentage of the overall volume of endless hourly mobile usage.


Mobile Usage in Real Time



By Karthik Reddy