The next time, when you do some Google search and find “tweets” being displayed as part of the search entries, don’t be surprised because Google has now expanded its search by including Twitter content as part of the organic desktop search results.

Google has even officially confirmed this development on Twitter handle and recently in an updated post on the Google blog post.

twitter search results

This move by Google was seen as coming after it started experimenting with tweets on Google’s desktop search results. This was a natural progression, since Google in May this year, already had begun showing Tweets in mobile’s SERP. After the official confirmation, Google has made this feature live for all English desktop searches globally.

And just like the mobile’s SERP, Google will now be showing tweets in a carousel in the main column of the organic search results. These search tweets will show up when Google finds them relevant and rank-able to the searched content. Also, users don’t need to have a twitter account to see or click on them. Google further denied any involvement of advertisement behind this move and claimed it’s a continuously evolving process and will go on improving.

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