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google my business short name


Earlier in April this year, Google rolled out a Google My Business (GMB) feature that enables users to create short names to define their GMB listing aka Google My Business URL.

google my business short name

With these short brandable names, customers can find you better. Here’s how you can set up a ‘short name’ for your business.

  • Sign in to Google My Business.
  • Open the location for which you want to create a short name.
  • Click on Info from the menu, then on Add profile short name.
  • Enter your short name (should be up to 32 characters). Names that have already been taken cannot be reused so try using new words or a combination of words that can best describe your brand.
  • Click on Apply. (Your short name will show as pending for a while before it reflects on your business profile).

Final Takeaway: If your business is Google My Business verified, then go ahead and create your custom ‘short name’ without wasting any time as it could give your business the exposure it’s worth.

Follow this guide for more information on how to use the custom google my business short names feature and the policies and terms of service.

google my business URL

Common Questions

Do Google My Business short names work on desktop and mobile?


Can you get suspended using a Google My Business short name?

Yes, if you break policies, by using a hateful name, for instance.

Can you choose a Google My Business URL short name that is not your business?

Yes, as long as it does not break any policies or infringe on another business trademark.

Are short names in the ‘Google My Business’ API?

Not yet (as of April 18th, 2019).

Are Google My Business URL short names available for bulk users?

Not yet (as of April 18th, 2019).

Can you include a location in your Google My Business short name?


Can I change my Google My Business short name?

Yes, three times a year.

Does case matter in my Google My Business URL short name?

Nope, you can use upper or lower case.

Can I lose my Google My Business short name?

Yes, if your account is deemed inactive or in violation.

Are Google My Business short names indexed in search?

No, they are 301 redirects

Do I need to be a verified business in Google My Business to get a short name?

Yes, only a verified profile can get a google my business short name.

Can I see statistics around Google My Business short name use?

Not yet (as of April 18th, 2019).

Fun fact: Interestingly, if you go to[keyword] right now and that short name has not been claimed, you will just get a standard search. This is a great way to see if a short name has already been taken.

What Does the Future Hold for Short Names?

Could we see this work in a more transactional way in the future? My guess is that that would make sense.

Could we see use cases for short names in reviews, photos, posts, follow, questions, share, bookings, reserve? Possibly. It would make sense to allow merchants an easy way to guide consumers to every part of their GMB profile.

Will there be problems? Of course, there will be problems. There always are when new policies are involved! People will claim trademarks, and I’m sure we’ll see a bunch of ‘xyzsucks’ short names (this happens in the domain name and social media space all the time).

Will the feature improve? Yes, I believe the utility of it will.

How Can Marketing Agencies Get Prepared for Short Names?

Start the conversation with your clients now!

Explain that they’ll soon be able to send customers to leave a review at Ask them what they want to use to represent themselves, to think about it in terms of branding, as well as how this short name will look on a business card. If your client is multi-location, will there be a standard and consistent formatting of short names?

As an example, I asked a client of mine today if they wanted one. Of course, they did! When I asked if they wanted a generic, high-profile keyword as the short name, they chose to go with that keyword followed by the cityname (

I’d love to hear your thoughts about how you’d like to see Google evolve this feature. How can it help your clients? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll be sure to pass the information along to Google.

If you need help setting up or optimizing your Google My Business Listing schedule an appointment with us now and we’ll make sure you are successful online.