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In true Google fashion, the company recently announced that Google My Business listings support has now come up with a new way of handling the entire Practitioner Listings process.

Where Practitioner Google Maps Listings Come into the Picture

google my business listings

When a number of professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, etc. operate from the same office location but have different clients, Practitioner Listings are used. One has to create multiple Google Maps listings to support such practitioners.

However, this process on Google Maps listings has now undergone a few changes. Here’s a quick look at the said changes

  • When a Practitioner Retires

Previously, when a practitioner retired, Google Maps listings by default marked the listing as ‘Closed’, which often lead the customers to believe that the entire business has shut shop. However, now you can request Google to entirely remove the said listing from Google Maps.

  • When a Practitioner Dies

Somewhat similar to the above scenario, Google My Business listings used to by default mark a listing as ‘Permanently Closed’ when a practitioner died. Again, you can send out a request to Google to completely remove the listing from Maps instead of displaying the rather distasteful messaging.

  • When a Practitioner Starts Working Elsewhere

In such cases, you follow the same protocol as before. You are expected to update the practitioner’s listing to display their new business location because Google believes that the listing belongs to the professionals and not the business.

These updates are still new, so chances are you might run into some problems when trying to make changes to Practitioner Listings. In case you face any issues, you are most likely to receive a quick solution by reaching out to @GoogleMyBiz on Twitter.

How to Contact Google My Business

Google My Business Customer Service is standing by to answer your questions. Their support team can help with questions relating to:

  • Listing creation, ownership, transferring and verification
  • Updating listing information
  • Duplicate listings and merging
  • Managing Google My Business photos

To contact Google My Business, there are currently three options:

  1. Navigate to
    1. In the top right-hand corner, select Contact Us.
    2. Click the relevant issue and Google My Business will display your contact options, which often include a callback, chat, or email support.
  1. An alternative option is to reach out to Google My Business on Twitter at @GoogleMyBiz
  2. Lastly, you can call Google My Business directly to speak with a live person. The Google My Business Phone Number is 1-844-491-9665.

The Google My Business support team is fantastic and they can help resolve basic and advanced questions. And their customer support is 100% FREE!

If you need help setting up or optimizing your Google My Business Listings schedule an appointment today.