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Google Guaranteed Ads

Google Guaranteed

There is a reason Google is the new king of advertising – they keep innovating. A new release, Google Guaranteed Ads is a marketing technique aimed at helping local businesses. By using a small, green tick beside the listing, the customer can tell that the company is guaranteed by Google and is trustworthy. The result: a ton more traffic that leads to lead generation, sales and profit.

What Is It?

Like every tool the search engine company provides, it’s more complicated than a green tick. The Google Guaranteed Ads service is an actual form of insurance for customers and businesses in case there is a dispute. So, it acts as a brand booster and a policymaker simultaneously.

How Does It Work?

There are three simple steps:

  • sign up for Local Services ads
  • complete the background check
  • send in verification of your business license and insurance information.

Once you’ve finished the process and Google has confirmed you as a member, the Local Services ads will start to appear at the top of ranking pages. Then, customers and interested parties can visit the website or contact you directly. In the US and Canada, they can either call you by tapping on the advert or send a direct message (the US only). Google has brought another meaning to the term “sliding into the DMs.”

Be sure to respond to alerts regularly. Accounts that don’t tend to slip down the rankings and stop receiving messages.

Is There A Catch?

No, not regarding money. It’s a free service to use if you’re accepted. However, the Google Guaranteed Ads program isn’t a piece of cake. Google performs a rigorous background check so that it isn’t liable to the tune of $2,000 in the future.

There is a caveat, though. Only legitimate companies that use Google Ad Words or Home Service Ads are eligible. Any other organization shouldn’t apply because the application will be rejected.

What Are the Benefits?

In short, there are lots of them which businesses want to benefit from to boost their brand. The main one is the reference from the biggest tech brand in the world. With one green tick by your ads, everybody knows that you are Google Guaranteed. The result is almost always an increase in reputation and standing with customers. Plus, it makes shoppers likely to make a conversion on the spot rather than waiting. Without a reputation, people like to do their research, but Google is proof enough.

Google Guaranteed Ads

However, that’s not the end of the advantages. You can also benefit from:

  • Make use of simple tools to create a personalized profile
  • Use the mobile app to communicate with customers at any time
  • Pay only for leads related to your business
  • You only hear from customers who have specifically selected your profile out of all the rest.

How to Get Started

To take advantage of Google Guaranteed Ads, you need to sign up for Local Services ads. But, before you continue, make sure your industry as eligible as only a few are at this point. In the US they are locksmiths, plumbers, electricians, HVAC, carpet cleaners, house cleaners, and garage door services. In Canada, it’s locksmiths, plumbers and HVAC services.

Check the signup page to see if Google Guaranteed Ads are available in your area.