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Google Ads Call Conversions To Get More Granular, Enable Target ROAS Bidding

Google ads are continuing to refine the way advertisers can track and optimize for conversion tracking events in AdWords. Last week, advertisers using call extensions and tracking call conversions were alerted that, at the end of April, they’ll be able to split call conversions up based on call length.

The new call conversion tracking capabilities will allow advertisers to name specific conversions according to call length and edit call length settings in the Conversions section in AdWords (found under Tools and Analysis).

For example, you can create a conversion action named “Product 1″ for calls longer than 60 seconds and another named “Product 2″ for calls longer than 30 seconds. Then just choose which of these conversion actions you’d like to count for any ad group in your account.

Advertisers can then assign custom conversion values to these actions and apply bidding strategies for Target ROAS.     google ads conversion rates

Google began including call conversions in the overall conversion count in October last year. The total number of conversions won’t change, but call conversions will be grouped by their conversion action names. So a 30-second and a 60-second call will show up under the two conversion names you’ve assigned them, per the example above.

The change will be automatic. Advertisers should review their campaign settings and add any new call-length conversions. Advertisers still have the option of opting out of counting calls from call extensions as conversions by unchecking the option to “Count calls as phone call conversions” in call extensions settings, or by using your own number instead of a Google forwarding number.


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Originally Posted in 2014 – Updated 2021