Google Adwords Management By A Certified Agency vs. A Non Certified Agency

The difference between doing Google AdWords with an agency certified by Google and one that is not google-partner-RGB-search-mobile-shop

When you’re looking for an advertising agency, you will probably come across agencies, like us, who are certified Google Partners. There are many SEO and Google AdWords services to choose from with varying prices so you may be wondering about the benefits of choosing a Google Partner agency over one that isn’t certified. After all, the ones who aren’t approved by Google still seem to know what they’re talking about. The truth is that there are some excellent advantages to choosing a Google Partner company when you need someone to manage your Google AdWords campaigns.

Who Gets to Be a Google Partner?

You should start by understanding the selection process for being a Google Partner. Not every company gets to be one, so you should understand what makes them stand out. Firstly, they need to have employees who hold Google AdWords certifications, proving that they have in-depth knowledge of managing AdWords campaigns. A Google Partner company needs at least one employee certified, while a Premier Partner needs two. Agencies also need to manage certain levels of spending and reach performance requirements if they want to be approved as a partner. Companies need to have a company profile that can be listed in Google Partner Search too.

Know You’re Getting Expert Help

When you choose a Google Partner company over an agency that isn’t certified by Google, you can be assured that you’re getting expert help. Because of Google’s requirements that an agency has at least one person certified in the use of Google AdWords, you know that you’ll have the service of someone who knows their stuff. Certification requires a number of essentials and the completion of several exams. These include Google AdWords fundamentals, as well as different types of advertising for search, mobile, display, video, and shopping.

Access to Beta Features Lets You Stay Ahead

Google Partners are given access to Google’s beta features. So if you choose to use an agency like On the Maps, you could get to test out Google’s new features before many other people. You can stay ahead of the curve and your competitors when your agency extends access to these beta features to you. You might be able to use them for a year or more before your competitors get hold of them. People have had the opportunity to try new things like pricing and purchasing on search result pages.

Faster Service with the Google Agency Team

Google Partners also have access to the Google Agency Team, a specialist point of contact they can use. This enables them to solve problems faster and avoid delays which could affect you. If you’re not working with a Google Partner, it could take days for a problem to be resolved. With a certified agency, your issue can be seen to right away. It saves you time and money by reducing issues that slow down your advertising campaigns.

Check out our Google AdWords page to learn more about what we can do for you as a Google Partner. We can manage your AdWords campaigns to bring success to your website.