Facebook Messenger has launched a new feature in the Facebook Messenger App – Facebook Messenger Day. Through this new feature, you can share videos and images, with your Facebook friends, which will disappear after 24 hours.

The new feature works just like Snapchat. You can use various emojis, filters, and text in your messages. So, you can utilize this new feature for marketing and promotion of your business, post promotional videos, templates or images, via messenger app with your clients with whom you are connected on Facebook.

The Messenger Day feature is available only in the Messenger app, in the top-left corner you can find Add to Your Day option, tap on it and add a photo or video to your day. You can also customize your list with whom you want to share, tap the gear icon to the left of the screen, where you select My Day and choose your audience and tap send to post it.

  • You can also know how many and who all viewed your Day.
  • With this feature, you can promote your brand through social media marketing, on an individualistic personal level, where you can directly interact with your Facebook clients.
  • Attract your friends on Facebook towards your business, through this medium and encourage them to like your business page and official profile on Facebook.
  • You can also share live videos and images of an ongoing event and promote your event, seminar, workshop or exhibition, this way you can also invite people to visit your event.
  • Encourage your employees to share the same on their Facebook Messenger Day to widespread the promotion. More the shares, more the views, more the brand awareness.
  • Share updates and latest developments in your business this way you can make people aware of your business’ progress.
  • Via this feature, you can be in constant touch with your clients and can build a strong relationship with them on a personal level. But, be careful and avoid overuse of it.