The striking Rich Snippets entice visitors and boost traffic to your website. And this high traffic sends a signal to Google that the listing is relevant to the users.
It is very likely that you already know what Google Knowledge Graph looks like. But in case you don’t, just search for any alpha company & you will see every single detail about the company listed on the right side of the search result.

Amazon SEO Secrets

Amazon seo

Amazon is a very popular search engine. (Over 70% of shoppers visit Amazon for new product ideas, and over 50% start their product search on Amazon.) Amazon isn’t just an e-commerce site; it’s also a search engine. And as a search engine, it has its own search engine optimization, or SEO.

The Google Screened Ad Label: What No One Is Talking About

Google-Screened Guarantee-Program

Google has now decided to roll out a new “Google Screened” Local Service Ad label for such professionals. Just like Google Guaranteed, the Google Screened label also comes with its own set of license and background checks. What differentiates the two labels is that there is no money-back guarantee with the Google Screened label businesses.