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How To Win Clients And Influence Markets with CLUBHOUSE



Whether you’ve been in business for five minutes or five decades, your company must stay alert to new marketing opportunities. As Facebook et al. continue to receive bad press (rightly or wrongly), now is the time to open your eyes to new social Apps. Clubhouse has quickly established itself as the golden ticket to more clients.

So, what is Clubhouse and how can it become a key ingredient in the recipe for success in 2021? Here’s all you need to know.

What Is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is the latest social media App to hit the market. 

Actually, scrap that. Dozens have been released since its release, but the vast majority are about as useful as that tie with pockets that you once thought would make a great invention. Unlike most, though, Clubhouse actually has a bright future, which is underlined by the fact its value has skyrocketed from $100m to over $1bn in the space of just nine months!

As the name suggests, the social media App is a members’ only club in which you can join via invite-only. The audio-based App essentially allows its users to host or join live conference calls, discussions, and audio broadcasts. The virtual rooms allow members to connect and interact with each other about an array of topics ranging from new products and investment opportunities to entertainment.

Who Is Clubhouse For?

With streamed audio conversations disappearing after their broadcast, the App is somewhat like an audio version of Snapchat. While you cannot join without an invite, the audio broadcasting social media platform is suitable for individuals and businesses alike. 

However, Clubhouse’s exponential popularity is largely attributed to the fact that it has attracted big names ranging from Elon Musk to Ricki Lake. Still in its infancy, the majority of virtual rooms are currently presented in a similar fashion to TED talks. However, there are opportunities for listeners to join rooms by requesting for credentials to talk. 

The beauty of the App is that you can hold ‘seminars’ and conversations without the need for professional recording equipment while it’s equally open to casual conversations on a range of topics too.

Why Clubhouse?

Before joining Clubhouse, you must first vindicate the decision to include it in your marketing repertoire. So, is Clubhouse worthwhile? The short answer is ‘yes’, but you probably want a more in-depth answer than that.

Clubhouse has captured the imagination for two reasons. Firstly, the plethora of celebrities and industry leaders using it ensure that a large percentage of the content is considered high value. Let’s face it; this is a welcome break from reading a newsfeed of old school friends airing their dirty washing out in public (even if we do secretly enjoy seeing the old school bully crying that they got cheated on yet again). 

Meanwhile, the invite-only element has helped make Clubhouse one of the most sought-after platforms. People want to join the conversation in fear of missing out, and has helped its members’ list grow by over 150% in under one month. From a business perspective, there are many reasons to choose Clubhouse, including but not limited to;

  • Being in touch with the latest tech advancements is great for the brand image, especially in a world where consumer expectations are at an all-time high.
  • The audio-only features mean you do not have to dress to impress. Likewise, you can read scripts or use visual prompts without listeners being any the wiser.
  • It allows you to multi-task by holding conversations and completing other assignments. Listeners can interact with you without giving their undivided attention.
  • Successful marketing on Clubhouse allows you to connect with audiences that you wouldn’t necessarily reach through other social media or marketing channels.
  • You do not have to invest money into the content production, ensuring that any direct or indirect revenue gained from the interactions will actually boost your bottom line.

SMEs can also enjoy the fact that they are in a position to create content that delivers the same quality levels as the virtual rooms hosted by huge brands and millionaire celebrities.

Marketing On Clubhouse

Understanding the benefits of a new and exciting opportunity is one thing, but it counts for very little if you let the ship set sail without you. Resisting the urge to get involved with Bitcoin in 2013 is the reason you’re still running a business rather than relaxing on a private island. Don’t let the Clubhouse opportunities pass you by too.

Successful marketing on Clubhouse is about building a community that turns listeners into clients. Here are five steps that can help you win customers and influence markets with far greater results than any other platform.

#1. Reach Out To New Audiences

The ability to help users find you organically is an important aspect of any digital marketing strategy. After all, you wouldn’t have a business website without a strong SEO strategy – no matter how much your grandad insists the ‘build it and they will come’ mantra is still relevant.

When setting up your profile and planning your conversations or broadcasts, it’s important to use keywords and room topics to attract the right people. Despite the huge audience, the fact that users can only access live broadcasts means that there will only be a limited number of rooms regarding your niche running at any given time. As such, you can pick up new listeners in this way.

#2. Think Business

As a content creator, you want to gain a large listenership. Ultimately, though, your end goal is to gain more clients and increase their customer lifetime values. Perhaps one of the best ways is to run feedback sessions that allow your customers to provide honest insight.

It could mean asking for their thoughts on your current services. Alternatively, it may be using them as a soundboard to discuss the prospect of a new product. Either way, the two-way interactions will lead to increased engagement. Moreover, their support enables you to facilitate a stronger bond while simultaneously adapting your products to deliver optimal appeal to your niche market.

#3. Become An Industry Leader

The value of trust in business cannot be emphasized enough. Marketing on Clubhouse is one of the best ways to garner greater levels of trust by proving yourself as an authoritative voice in your chosen industry. The fact you have been invited to the App is already promising.

As a new and exciting platform, Clubhouse offers a versatile playgrounds in which you can show your creative flair and do things differently. You are no longer restricted to directly marketing your products. Providing industry news, explainer content, or FAQ sessions are just some of the ways that you can diversify your interactions with prospective clients to grow interest and trust in the brand.

#4. Collaborate

Collaboration is a daunting prospect in many aspects of business. However, working together with other business leaders and content creators can work wonders for your marketing on Clubhouse strategy. You don’t want your content to be repetitive, and the fresh energy is mutually beneficial.

Unlike many social media platforms, Clubhouse is one that actively provides a great listening space for businesses too. Keep up with developments and industry by jumping into other virtual rooms. The information you pick up could be invaluable. Meanwhile, when the opportunity to join as a speaker becomes available, it instantly introduces you to all listeners in the room.

#5. Promote Direct Interactions

Like many social media platforms, direct messaging is a key part of how to Clubhouse. It’s great to have a passive listener, but turning them into an active client is the objective. During the broadcast, you can ask listeners to DM you for a freebie or more info on a topic.

Once you have struck up that direct interaction, you have a far better shot at putting them on the path to conversion. Not least because you will have captured their contact details and open the door to one-on-one participation. Use this to solve their pain points and the heightened sense of value should yield great returns.

Precautions For Using Clubhouse App

While marketing on Clubhouse offers a range of opportunities as detailed above, it’s important to recognize the potential downsides. There are primarily two main issues to contend with.

  • Firstly, you may have a limited audience reach, especially if members of your target market have not been invited onto the App. Aside from potentially having a small demographic to start with, members have to be available at the time of your broadcast.
  • Secondly, there is a lack of moderation due to the disappearing nature of the feeds. While hosts can keep users as listeners-only, there is a potential threat of interactions becoming tarnished. On a side note, the audio-only attributes of the App may prevent you from reaching different audiences.

Despite those potential drawbacks, though, the benefits of using Clubhouse for business easily outweigh the negatives. As the platform continues to grow from strength to strength, it’s likely that the audience


It might be in its infancy, but Clubhouse will clearly play a big role in society for many years. Therefore, marketing on Clubhouse should be a priority for all businesses in 2021, not least because getting in early will give you opportunities to establish yourself on the platform as more and more listeners join the party.

The first step in the how to Clubhouse journey, however, is to get invited. Existing members can send the invitation. So, ask your network on other social platforms if they can help. When they do, you’ll be on the path to greatness.

Need an invite to Clubhouse? Leave us a comment and we will be sending invites to a few lucky winners!

Your Social Media In 2021 Is Already DONE!

Done For You Social Media Calendar 2021

Grow your Business with a Done For You Social Media Calendar in 2021

Your Done For You Social Media Calendar Only $29.99 for the entire year.

Running a business is a lot of work. You probably have a to-do list the size of a mountain, and just getting it all done every day is a challenge. With a busy schedule, it can be easy to let certain things slide, such as your social media presence. Too many businesses put social media on the backburner, or think that they can make it work on the fly. This can only lead to disaster. 

Neglecting social media means fewer followers, less engagement, and in the end, less effective marketing for your business. That’s why a social media calendar is so important. It offers several benefits to help get your social media habits on track. Not only that, but it allows you to be effective with social media on a schedule that works for you. 

What is a Social Media Calendar?

A social media calendar is what you can use to map out your social media presence for the entire year. It helps you to craft a long-term strategy, as opposed to posting whenever the mood strikes and hoping that your content gains traction. You can use a social media calendar to map out all of your posts for all of your platforms, and create a schedule for when and how you will post. It will help you build social media into a regular routine that will make sure that you are always paying the proper attention to your social media and getting the most out of it. 

A Social Media Calendar is a Time Saver

We’ve already mentioned how busy it can be to run a business. We’ve also established that an effective social media presence is a must. A calendar will help you to be as efficient as possible with your time spent on social media. Not only that, but it helps to break things down into smaller, more manageable chunks. You won’t have to worry last minute about a campaign and scramble to get something out. You will already be prepared, and will have ideas as to what to post each day. 


With so many social media platforms available to you, and that large to-do list, it can be hard to keep track of everything. With a social media calendar, you can keep yourself organized in a clear, visible way. You can plan for every social channel, and incorporate daily social media tasks into your day-to-day task list. As opposed to thinking you’ll get to posting something “some day,” you will have a clear objective every day to make your social media work for you. 

Consistency and Credibility

There is nothing better for your business than credibility. If you position your business as being trustworthy, then your prospects will come to rely on you and eventually give you their business. If you are consistent with your posting and engaging on social media, it builds trust and credibility among your followers. They know that they can expect your posts on a regular basis, and that you will have good content to consume. Consistency also allows you to build a daily relationship with your followers. As opposed to engaging with them on random days, you will always have a connection with them, and they with you. 

Tracking and Reporting

A social media calendar will not just allow you to look forward. You can also look back. Since you have everything mapped out, you can more easily get a sense of what worked and what didn’t during the year. You can use your analytics tools to see when your social media was getting the best results, and match that data with the type of content you were posting at those times. Being able to compare results and have data will allow you to build better and better social media strategies as time goes on. 

Social media doesn’t have to be something that you put on the backburner or try to do on the fly. With an effective social media calendar, you can build a long-term social media strategy that will help you engage with your followers and bring you the results you want. 

Are you ready to grow your business in 2021? If you answered yes, then be sure to take advantage of this done-for-you social media calendar complete with graphics and daily posts,  where your entire year is already planned out for you. Know exactly what kind of content to post every single day and watch engagement soar.