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Selling Links To A Big Brand? Here’s Why You Don’t Tweet About It

Here’s a lesson in how not to sell links.

As Search Engine Roundtable pointed out this morning, someone named “Vince” from is using Twitter to contact companies about renewing paid links that are about to expire.

You can look at the @vitaliykoloswdl account and see numerous conversations about selling or renewing paid link agreements. The most notable conversation seems to be this one with T-Mobile, which started in February and has continued into this month (there are more tweets than shown on the screenshot below):


At one point, “Vince” tells T-Mobile that there’s a paid link on this page with the anchor text “T-Mobile Blackberry phones” that’s due to be renewed.


We obviously have no idea what T-Mobile may or may not have done with in terms of buying links (or not). And “Vince” is certainly free to sell as many links as he wants to whomever he wants.


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