5 SEO Tips for Getting a Company’s Site on the First Page of Google

5 SEO Tips for Getting a Company’s Site on the First Page of Google Results

SEO TipsGoogle makes hundreds of changes to its search algorithms each year and, in many cases, these changes can cause sites’ rankings to take a nosedive. Declining Local SEO is a direct result of Google’s efforts to eliminate content farming but, unfortunately, some legitimate sites get caught as well. When small business owners are looking to improve SEO and build high-quality sites that rank on the first page of Google’s results, they can follow the tips listed below.

Remember to Focus on the User

Business owners should remember the reasoning behind Google’s constant updates and algorithm changes—they’re done to provide relevant, high-quality search results. When it comes to improving SEO and search engine rankings, it helps to look at the website from the user’s point of view. If the site doesn’t provide relevant info for chosen search terms, the owner should take steps to fix it.

Emphasize Content Quality, Not Quantity

When site owners want to increase their Nationwide SEO, they often turn to blogs to get more pages indexed by the search engine. While it’s still true that a greater number of indexed pages can increase a site’s SEO, content quality is also important. Recent algorithm updates prove that it’s better to have fewer pages of high-quality content than it is to have many low-quality blog pages. Removing lower-quality pages can help site owners recover from a rating drop, and it can even help them improve SEO to get on the first page of Google results.

Build Quality Links

Google has always favored inbound links. However, as the search engines place more value on content quality, high-volume link building has become less effective. For owners of business websites, this is good news, as they can turn their SEO efforts to the creation of fewer high-quality articles and links. Press releases and guest posts are a good way to create inbound links, especially if they’re picked up by major publications.

Maximize Social Search, Sharing and Media

It’s difficult to determine how much effect Facebook and Twitter have on Google’s search results and sites’ SEO, but the search engine is allowing social sharing in real time. The +1 button takes things a bit further, but it’s unclear just how it’s used in Google SEO. Google states that the button’s use can affect a site’s returns, which further demonstrates the importance of top-quality content.

Ease Up on the Advertising

Excessive ads can lower a site’s Google rankings. This is another direct result of Google’s efforts to improve search results for users, as the search engine tends to link excessive ads to spam or low-quality sites. Advertising shouldn’t interfere with a page’s content, especially if it’s within the text or above the fold.

Google is always changing and evolving, but the basics of effective SEO will always stay relatively constant. If a site offers high-quality, relevant, and readable content, it’s more likely to be shared, which can increase a site’s organic ranking. By following the tips listed here, business owners can increase traffic and naturally boost a site’s rankings. Visit today for a free Organic SEO audit as well as actionable tips on getting a site on the first page of Google’s results.