Q 1: On-Page Optimization

On-Page optimization is one of the most important parts of SEO.

On-page optimization is especially important for Yahoo and MSN since they give more weight in their algorithms to a well SEO’d page.

But, on-page optimization is also important for Google as well. Even though Google may give more weight to the anchor text in the back links, it still needs to understand what a webpage is all about and rank it accordingly.

Q 2: Onsite Recommendations & Implementation

Initial SEO Report – This report provides initial analysis on your site. It includes your site’s strengths and weaknesses and fixes for the same.

Competitive Analysis Report – This report allows you to identify who your current competitors are and evaluate their respective strengths and weaknesses.

Keyword Research – This includes finding the right keywords for your site that people search for and which will bring in more traffic to your site. ‘Keyword Research’ is the most important factor while doing SEO on a site.

Initial Ranking Report – Once the keywords are finalized, we will be sending you an ‘Initial Ranking Report’ for the finalized keywords.

Title and Meta Tag Optimization – These provide information about your Web page to search engine robots so that the search engine can better understand what your site is about. Meta tags provide this information in a format that the web crawlers/spiders that visit your site can understand. These tags help web indexing robots better understand your website for the purpose of assigning it a ranking in their database under specific search terms.

On Page Optimization – In this process, we optimize alt attribute (for images) and title attribute (for hyperlinks) to make it search engine friendly. Search engines give importance to these tags if well optimized.

Creation of Robots.txt file – This file is created so that your site can be crawled and added to the search engine database. Using this file, you can also allow or block a search engine from crawling specific parts of your site such as the cgi-bin folder, images folder or any folder containing critical information.

Creation of Simple Sitemap – A sitemap is a page which lists all links to the pages of the site organized by category. This is very useful from an SEO point if view as it gives search engines a view of the whole site on a single page. Thus it improves navigation. The sitemap is also useful for a visitor to understand scope/structure of the site.

Creation of XML Sitemap – A XML sitemap is a file where you can list the web pages of your site to tell Google and other search engines about the organization of your site content. Search engine web crawlers like Googlebot read this file to more intelligently crawl your site.

Canonical Tag – Search engines consider different variations of a domain like http://www.domain.com/index.php & http://www.domain.com/ as separate pages. So there is a chance that your site might get penalized for duplicate content. A canonical tag tells search engines to index only the specified URL. This helps to prevent duplication issue.

Creation of GEO Sitemap – Google Geo Sitemaps is an extension of the Sitemap protocol that enables you to publish geospatial content (geo content) to Google, in order to make it searchable in Google Earth and on Google Maps.

Creation of Locations.kml File – A KML file is XML format and contains information about the points, lines and text to display in Google Earth. KML files are easily readable. KML stands for “Keyhole Markup Language”.

Updating Pages & Schema Tag Integration – Adding schema markup to the address on your website or blog. If your business is location or service area dependent, having an address on your website is imperative. Making sure search engines understand your exact location can, at the best of times, be a tricky proposition. Using the data markup makes it extremely easy for you to tell the search engines your physical street address as well as the latitude and longitude of your business.

Google +1 Button – This button provides an opportunity for businesses to increase awareness about their brand, generate buzz, promote new products, and learn about the specific types of people who are interested in the brand.

301 Redirect URLs – 301 redirect is the best method to preserve your current search engine rankings when redirecting web pages or a web site. The code “301” is interpreted as “moved permanently”. Search Engines consider http://domain.com/ and http://www.domain.com/ as two different sites. So there is a chance that SEs might penalize you for duplicate content.

Custom 404 Page Creation – If users enter wrong URL or URL that does not exist, then they will see this 404 error page. Hence, they will not be lost from the site.

Google & Bing Webmaster Tool Configuration – Verifying your site with Webmaster Tools gives you access to reports about your site’s visibility and ensures that your site is indexed by search engine on a faster / more regular basis. It isn’t necessary, but it’s a smart thing to do.

Google Analytics Set-up – Google Analytics is a tool that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website. We will send you stats report every month along with SEO report.

Q 3: Adding Rich Snippets + Google Publisher Setup

Authorship rich snippets, is the little bit of code (rel=author) that gives you the opportunity to officially claim your content with Google. Doing this comes with 3 great benefits.

1. Increases your click throughs – When your content is marked up properly Google includes your G+ profile image next to the listing within the search results. There have been countless studies indicating this increases your listing’s click through rate. People are naturally inclined to look at images in a body of text.

2. Protects Your Content – This code also tells Google that you are the original owner. If your article gets picked up and reprinted Google is more likely to see your marked up article as the original and de-value the rest.

3. Increases your content’s authority and trust – This is the most important reason to markup your content. When you officially claim your content using this code and tying it to your G+ profile you’re also building up your own personal brand. The more trusted, quality content you produce for authoritative sites – the stronger your brand becomes in the eyes of Google as well as within your Industry.

Q 4: Updating Pages & Schema Tag Integration

We update pages for local search by integrating your local contact address and telephone number in schema tag format. This helps to optimize a site well in local search engines.

Adding schema markup to the address on your website or blog. If your business is location or service area dependent, having an address on your website is imperative. Making sure search engines understand your exact location can, at the best of times, be a tricky proposition. Using the data markup makes it extremely easy for you to tell the search engines your physical street address as well as the latitude and longitude of your business.

Q5: Inbound Content Marketing

Website Content Writing: We write search engine friendly content for the website based on the keywords we have finalized.

Blog Writing: We will do the research and create a blog post to be added on the internal blog of the website.

Infographic Creation & Distribution: People love Infographics; and since they are instantly shareable and engaging, search engines love them too. We create high quality infographics for you which will be shared across various channels and draw qualified traffic to your site.

Premium PR Distribution: By submitting to premium sources, your PR will be distributed across top news networks thereby increasing your brand awareness. A link or a citation from such sources will definitely help to boost rankings.

Premium Authoritative Directory Submissions: We will be submitting your site to premium authoritative directories like Yahoo, Business, etc. A link from such sources will definitely help to improve your rankings.

Q 6: Local Search Website Optimization

Google My Business/ Bing & Yahoo Local Listing Center Optimization: We update pages for local search by adding your local contact address and telephone number in an “address” tag. This helps to optimize a site well in local searches and we create an hCard markup that is supported by local search engines and add it to your contact page.

Authority Business Listing: We will submit your business to high authority local directories and review sites like Yelp, Local.com and others thereby ensuring a strong local presence.

NAP Syndication: For a local business, location specific links are of utmost importance. We will be getting links from sources which also allow your Business Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) to be added to the listing thus increasing credibility of that link.

Coupon Distribution: To diversify our link profile, we will even submit any coupons you might have to top coupon sharing sites. This helps to increase your presence apart from getting a link or a citation.

Q 7: Link Strategy

Website Social Sharing: Since social signals are given much prominence of late, social sharing becomes even more important. Sharing content across social networks like facebook, twitter and Google+ helps to increase inbound links and citations due along with improved online visibility/brand awareness.

Video Creation: We will create video about client business using stock video footage. Stock footage is an easy and affordable way to include ?motion? in your videos. We buy stock footage based on your video requirement from a company which sells royalty free stock footage. We will submit the video to video submission sites like Youtube, MySpace, Metacafe etc.

Voiceover Video Creation: We will create video about client business with voiceover. The script will include an introduction to client business and a call to action or an offer. We will use a Male voice {based out of United States} for voiceover. We will submit the video to video submission sites like Youtube, MySpace, Metacafe etc.

Social Profiles: We will create your business profile across various social channels to generate backlinks and even citations from social profiles.

PPT Creation & Submission: We will convert the video into PPT and submit to PPT submission sites like slideshare.net.

Below are the best practices which we are following post the Panda and Penguin update to secure all our SEO work:

We get you links from different types of websites – this includes regular websites, blog posts, review sites, curated business directories, article syndication, video sharing, press release channels, local directories and social media profiles.

We vary the anchor text – include Naked URLs, Brand Name, Business Name and variations. 80% anchor texts will be naked URLs, 10% will be exact anchor texts and remaining 10% will be variations of the anchor texts (even long tail keywords).

We get you links from various Top Level Domains (TLD) – While we agree that links from .gov, .edu and .org domains are given high importance, Google would also like to see your site getting links from .info, .net, .co and .biz websites.

Deep Linking – Wherever applicable we ensure to get links to your inner pages as well. Linking to just the home page can also get you in trouble.

Since Google+ Local verification is imperative, we expect co-operation from your end to get this done.

For Guest Blogs, we will include keyword density on guest blog content and also include the keywords in title. This will help Google see relevance of the blog post to the website and give it higher contextual weightage.

Q 6: New Activities

Usability & Conversion Optimization – We will generate a report featuring the most important usability & conversion optimization factors. Includes suggestions to make the site more usable and conversion friendly thus increasing your business’ online leads.

HeatMap – We will generate a heatmap of your home page displaying which parts of your page users visit and click frequently. You get to know what’s hot and what’s not, so you can make changes accordingly to increase conversions.

ScrollMap – The scrollmap shows how far down the page people are scrolling and helps determine where visitors abandon the page. Now you’ll know exactly where to add elements to hold a visitor’s interest longer.

Overlay Report – With the overlay report, you will be able to see the number of clicks on each element of your web page.

Confetti – With confetti, you will be able to distinguish all the clicks you get on your site segmented by referral sources, search terms & more.

User Testing Video – A user testing video with voice over talking about the errors / difficulties encountered while browsing your website from a layman’s perspective.

Magazine / News Placement – We will posting a magazine / client interview based on the information provided by you.

Q&A Posting – We will posting Q&A’s relevant to the your business on high authority sites.Local

Community Setup – We will create a profile on local community networks and share guest posts, videos and other information to attract users.

Social Community Setup – We will create a community profile on important / relevant social networks and share guest posts, videos and other information to attract users.

Review Widget – We will be adding a widget on your website pages which will help you build positive customer reviews.

Pinterest Account Creation – We will create an account on Pinterest for your business also called as Pinterest Business Account.

Pinterest Optimization – We will optimize your Pinterest Business account by filling in all relevant details with your business logo, description about your business and even

verifying the profile.

Custom Pinboards – We will create custom Pinboards relevant to your industry on your Pinterest Business profile.

Pin Images – We will pin images (or even video) relevant to your business on the custom created Pinboards.

Follow Pinboards – We will follow other relevant Pinboards to get updates from related sources with a change that they’ll even follow yours.

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